Direct marketing firm, Metro Elite has been angered by a recent article claiming that entrepreneurship in the US has been falling for the last 30 years and that it will not recover.

With the country trying to recover from a recession, Metro Elite feels that this article is a negative spin on what the country has achieved to recover. It undermines entrepreneurs’ and start-ups role in this recovery. The article claims that, “More Americans are finding jobs. But so far, at least, they don’t appear to be starting more businesses.” Metro Elite suggests that many people may be finding jobs due to the newly opened start-ups that are providing these extra job roles. Metro Elite also notices the contradiction in the article where it claims that entrepreneurship has been dropping for 30 years and then points out that, ‘Entrepreneurship did rise in 2012.’ In fact, Americans started 410,000 businesses in 2012 which was a two percent rise on the previous year. Although this sounds small, the country was facing the backlash from the recession meaning that less people were confident about finding funding.

Metro Elite is a direct marketing and sales firm based in Jersey City. The firm specializes in helping other businesses, including some start-ups, reach their full business potential. To do this the firm uses face-to-face marketing techniques to create long-lasting, personal relationships between their clients’ brands and their consumers. This helps to improve their clients’ customer acquisition, brand loyalty and brand awareness.

Metro Elite’s Managing Director worked alongside budding entrepreneurs in Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville and New York before launching a business in Jersey City which shows just how much entrepreneurship is growing. Metro Elite was involved in and now runs their own Business Development Program which helps to generate more entrepreneurs by teaching all those involved in the program the skills needed to become a successful leader and entrepreneur. Once a candidate has passed through all levels of the Business Development Program they are given the opportunity to start their own business. The program passes candidates through as quickly as possible so that there is continuously a new flow of entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Although Metro Elite does not believe that entrepreneurship is dying out in the US, they do believe that more could be one to encourage and support entrepreneurs. This could include teaching entrepreneurship in schools or more schemes like the Business Development Program. The firm believes that networking can also really help entrepreneurs as it can teach them new skills and help them to find mentors or advisors that can offer them support. It can also provide knowledge of where to find funding and other key components of starting a business.