With the Global Entrepreneurship Summit set to take place in Kharagpur, India from 19 – 21 November, Metro Elite reviews the positive actions that America has contributed to the State’s entrepreneur. 

With entrepreneurship currently experiencing a massive boom across the US, Metro Elite believe it’s now more important than ever for the US Government to take action and provide increased support to those looking to start their own business. Therefore, the sales and marketing firm are thrilled to hear that the US Government will once again be attending this year’s much anticipated Global Entrepreneur Summit in Kharagpur on the 19th November.

Metro Elite believes that entrepreneurship is the key to securing a brighter economic future. Entrepreneurship provides a wealth of opportunities to those who may otherwise feel uninspired by the more traditional career options available to them. Entrepreneurship has proven to also be incredibly empowering, allowing many promising business minds to follow their dreams and succeed in an industry they are passionate about.

The US Government are keen to support and nurture the current entrepreneurship trend, believing the principles and knowledge of entrepreneurship could help to solve local problems and secure stable and inclusive communities in which new ideas and innovations are encouraged and shared. To ensure that entrepreneurship continues to increase across America the Government is set to attend the 2014 Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Kharagpur, India on 19TH of November. The 2-day event coincides with Global Entrepreneurship Week, and is set to play host to thousands of policy makers, educators and entrepreneurs from across the globe looking to share their experiences and gain knowledge into entrepreneurship, and discover new ways to nurture and support it. The key points due to be covered by the summit surround the impact modern technology has had on entrepreneurship. ‘Harnessing the Power of Technology for Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ promises to address how technology can now open more doors for new entrepreneurs than ever before. Technology has allowed entrepreneurs to reach a global audience and utilize the expertise of industry professionals from across the world without the need for travel, and the summit is set to provide guidance and advice on how entrepreneurs can harness these vital resources in order to achieve success.

The US Government has been a major player at the entrepreneur summit for the last five years. The first ever summit was held in Washington in 2010 and was founded in order to identify ways to deepen ties between business leaders, universities, and entrepreneurs in the United States and Muslim communities around the world. Since then the summit has broadened its horizons, and is now open to global attendees in order to create a strong link between major business destinations across the world.

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Metro Elite believe the upcoming entrepreneur summit will help the US find new avenues of support and provide expert knowledge to America’s next generation of promising entrepreneurs. The firm is confident that the event will help to create new opportunities and bring prosperity to America’s entrepreneurs over the coming years.