Many young people and graduates are finding it increasingly difficult to find work that offers any progression opportunities. Sales and marketing firm, Metro Elite offer their advice on how young people can impress businesses and best present their positive skills and attributes.

With the recent recession and economic downturn, young people are finding it harder than ever to get work. With so many older people having lost jobs in the recession there are plenty of people with experience searching for new work and this has an impact on young people because they are not as experienced, and their skill sets are not matching up to those that employers are after. Because of this many young people are landing extremely uninspiring jobs that do not offer them a chance to progress. This means that their skill sets rarely develop which holds them back in the future. Metro Elite hopes to change this by offering tips to young people to help build their resumes and develop their skills.

Metro Elite believes that job seekers could boost their chances of being hired by improving their resume and has put together their top tips on how to do so:

Don’t use a ‘hotmail’ or ‘yahoo’ email address.
Employers often discriminate against people who use these addresses on their resume because they are seen as ‘not with the times.’ Domain names have become an important factor and with many people putting their contact details first on their resume, using these addresses can risk the rest of the resume not even being read. Metro Elite suggests using a Gmail address as they look ‘cooler’ and more professional.

Make it easy to get in contact.
Metro Elite believes that it is important to put multiple forms of contact on the resume to give the employer the best chance of getting in contact. If there is only a telephone number available and it is not answered the first time they try, they may not try again whereas if there are multiple methods of contact the employer can try all of them.

Hyperlink your LinkedIn profile.
Firstly, Metro Elite says that if you do not have a LinkedIn profile, set one up. LinkedIn looks professional and employers can see all your skills at a quick glance. Then customize the LinkedIn address and add a hyperlink to the profile on the resume.

Add in Job titles.
If the current job title doesn’t make sense or sounds generic don’t be afraid to make appropriate changes. Metro Elite believes that the closer the job title is to what the employer has asked for the more chance there is of an interview but don’t lie, only do this if the job role does match.

Metro Elite has highlighted the skills and attributes that direct marketing firms are looking for. These include confidence because they have to make sales pitches every day, social skills because they will be dealing with people on a daily basis and entrepreneurial spirit because there is often chance to progress within these firms.

Metro Elite is an outsourced sales and direct marketing firm based in Jersey City, New Jersey. The firm specializes in face-to-face marketing techniques in order to grow their clients’ brands by creating long-lasting and personal relationships. This helps to improve their customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty. The firm believes in nurturing and developing entrepreneurial spirit amongst young people and also offers young people the chance of progression through their business development program. The program teaches young people the skills needed to be a successful sales rep and a successful leader as well as the skills to potentially open their own business.